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The Basics of Tax-Deferred Exchanges

Knowing some basic rules behind Internal Revenue Code 1031 can help investors defer paying capital gain tax on property dispositions.

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Key Considerations in a 1031 Exchange

Have you ever wondered why savvy investors continue to take advantage of the1031 Tax Deferred Exchange?

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Advantages of a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange

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What Do I Need to Buy to Structure a Fully Deferred Exchange?

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The Bottom Line on 1031 Exchanges

Real estate investors have been holding steady over the past few years watching the values of their investment properties diminish while hoping that prices would come back. Find out how to protect your assets.

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An Overview of Reverse 1031 Exchanges

An investor who is doing a 1031 exchange may need to buy replacement property prior to the closing of the sale of the relinquished property, either because the relinquished property has fallen through, or because the investor has found the perfect replacement property before he is able to sell the relinquished property. In these cases, the investor can save his exchange by doing a “reverse” 1031 exchange.

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